Our Services

  • Recognize the type of work orders
  • Download photos from your convenient source
  • We do photo lebeling for before, after during grasscut photos
  • We create and add bid according to the vendor's inspections.
  • We do Invoicing according to your price sheets (If you do not have the price sheets then we follow the standard price sheets)
  • We Create and make reports.
  • We add bids to over allowable forms.
  • We Upload property inspection form if you prefer us to do.
  • We do maintenance work orders as per instructions.

Advantages of Choosing us

  • We have the unbeatable price with guarantee.
  • We have the expert teams for maintaining the quality of work and for avoiding errors, each campaign has the QC team for checking the quality and erros back and forth.
  • We work 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and have backup processors all the times from shift to shift (Mon to Sun).
  • We Work All around the year all 365 days
  • We have expert processors and trainers all the time for working in different programs like Field-Comm, Vendor 360, PropertyPresWizard, etc. and might take minimum training you use your own customized program.
  • We save on your additional costs incurred like the space, infrastructure, and HR costs since we will be your back office.
  • We have our different processors expert in almost every programs and every kinds of works can help you complete the tasks within the deadline and we assign one project manager for every project and different team leads depending on work type and loads.
  • We do not submit work orders untile you tell us to do, first we complete the work orders and save it for quality assurance.